If you have NOT completed the CONCUSSION TRAINING read and complete the requirements below. You must have your COMPLETION CODE and COMPLETION DATE before proceeding further.

If have previously completed the CONCUSSION TRAINING, click on "PROCEED TO PRE-REGISTRATION" below.


The Ohio Legislature mandated that all referees and coaches in youth games go through a training course on concussion awareness. The OSSRC is being proactive and directing that ALL its members take the free, on-line NFHS course (Concussion in Sports - What You Need to Know) which can be found at

Upon completion of the above NFHS training you will be given a certificate in a PDF format that you can save to your computer. By saving it in PDF format, you can print the certificate as needed or forward it electronically to league and tournament assignors upon request. After April 26, 2013, all leagues and tournaments in which you referee are required to ensure you have this certificate.

Every referee currently registered with OSSRC must complete the NFHS on-line concussion training program. You are further instructed to save your completed certificate; and be prepared to present it at various league and tournament game sites during the upcoming season. NOTE: You must complete the NFHS on-line training - not the CDC on-line training - to satisfy OSSRC requirements.

When re-registering for 2016 you must log into the OSSRC data base using your OSSRC ID number and password and update or correct any of your info data. You will now also be required to fill in the "Date of completion" and the "Completion code", which is printed on your concussion completion certificate from your NFHS on-line training. Without this data you will not be able to print out your 2016 registration form.

Ken Baldeosingh, SRA